Festival Credits

Without theses people the 2023 Yajilarra Festival would not have been possible.

We offer a warm and sincere thanks to the following people and businesses for helping to bring this festival together –

Performance Manager – Event Coordinator

John Smoker (The Midnight Jammers)

Site Management – Logistics

Jonathon Sandford (Intense Logistics)

Production Management – Lighting Design

Jerry Reinhardt (Jerry Reinhardt Design)

Staging – Outback Staging

Scott Barnes (Outback Staging)

Production Management/Design Winthali

Andrew Chambers (AC Production Design)

Creative Director – Winthali Story

Claudia Alessi (Theatre Kimberley)

Artistic Director

Meredith Bell (Theatre Kimberley)

Puppetry Artist/Animation Producer/Projection Artist

Bernadette Trench-Thiedmann

Lighting, Audio, LED Screen Suppliers

Pilbara and Kimberley Aboriginal Media – Manager

Live Broadcast – OB Van – Station Manager ICTV

Backline Gear

Mario Frisna (Lounge Backline)

Site Security