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Thankyou everyone who made the 2023 Yajilarra Festival a successful two night event. We hope to see your smiling, happy faces next time!

We offer a warm and sincere thanks to the following people and businesses for helping to bring the 2023 Yajilarra Festival together –

Performance Manager – Event Coordinator

Site Management – Logistics

Jonathon Sandford
Intense Logistics

Production Management – Lighting Design

Jerry Reinhardt
Jerry Reinhardt Design

Staging – Outback Staging

Scott Barnes
Outback Staging

Backline Gear

Mario Frisna
Lounge Backline

Lighting, Audio, LED Screen Suppliers

Pilbara and Kimberley Aboriginal Media – Manager

Live Broadcast – OB Van – Station Manager ICTV

Site Security

Production Management/Design Winthali

Andrew Chambers
AC Production Design

Creative Director – Winthali Story

Claudia Alessi
Theatre Kimberley

Artistic Director

Meredith Bell
Theatre Kimberley

Puppetry Artist/Animation Producer/Projection Artist

Bernadette Trench-Thiedmann

Is this years festival going ahead?

Yes! The Broome to Fitzroy Crossing road is open, however the road from Kununurra to Fitzroy Crossing is closed. Keep informed with road status updates on the Main Roads Travel Map.

Help Fitzroy Crossing flood recovery efforts.

Help support the flood recovery of the Fitzroy Crossing community, give a donation. All donations directly help Bunuba led initiatives and strengthening our community through the rebuilding of homes.

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